Who are we?

Well, we are:

Shawn Sato-Veillon, CEO and CTO.
Lives in Japan and is from New Orleans and Los Angeles and has a very extensive background in technology, especially IT related fields.  Shawn is also an avid drone racing pilot and advocate, having raced in US MultiGP events, Asia Cup in China, and a multitude of races in Japan, and hopes to compete in Europe soon.  He’ll say he is not a very good pilot, and that it’s all for the fun.  😉
Shawn takes care of development of new original products and testing of 3rd party products (we only sell the PROVEN best products), purchasing, and overall direction of the company.

Ray Matlack, CMO and COO.
Lives in Cadillac, Michigan, where are headquarters and primary shipping center is.  Ray is the brainchild of “Smokin’ Drones”, the very successful Facebook group, which has spawned off related products, which we sell in our shop (bestfpv.shop).  Ray is a self proclaimed newb drone pilot, but his enthusiasm for them is massive.  Ray handles marketing and retail sales, shipping, social media, finds hot new products for resale, handles and day to day operations.

What’s in a name?

Daedalus is a mythological character who was known as probably THE master craftsman/inventor of his time.  He is also the father of the famous/infamous Icarus.  The story about Icarus is that he and his father were imprissoned, and Daedalus created wings for them both, from real feathers and wax.  He warned Icarus not to fly too close to the sun, or else the wings would melt.  Naturally the young Icarus could not resist, and ultimately perished from breaking this rule.  The list of very cool inventions that Daedalus created is very long.  You should check it out on Google some time!
Since we never know what direction our company will end up taking in the future, but we do know we’ll always enjoy making things, we thought creating a parent company with the name Daedalus Company was a good choice.  It was never intended to be “the face” of our brands, however.

What are our brands, what do we make?

The first brand was BULLIT Drones, which Shawn started on his own in 2014.  BULLIT Drones has to date only created two products, the BlackWidow and Xcaliber frames.  BlackWidow being a race frame, and Xcaliber being a freestyle frame (which took 2nd place in the “World’s” freestyle event in 2016).  The design to production process is a long one since Shawn likes to make it perfect before going to market with them.  But hopefully we’ll see the next yearly release soon!
Next, Ray came up with a great idea to use the buzz of drones to promote the medicinal use of cannabis.  Since he was just getting into drones, he presented the idea to Shawn, who at the time he didn’t know, but knew he was a well respected member of the drone community who had been working with various manufacturers to better their products.  Shawn loved the idea, and thus started their partnership, and Smokin’ Drones was born.
Soon other ideas began to make their way to the table and the two decided they needed a parent company with which to unify their financial activities, taxes, licenses, etc. to streamline them.  Thus, Daedalus Company was born.  Possible new brands are World Drone Drag Racing Organization (WDDRO), DC Electronics (DCe), and DC Telecoms (DCtel).